Pool Maintenance Made Easy This Christmas

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Christmas is a great time to enjoy your backyard pool. Whether you’re taking a dip in the cool water or lounging in the sun, it’s important to maintain your pool so that it is clean and clear for the season and ready for all those guests who’ll be dropping by. Thankfully, keeping your pool in top shape doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Here’s our guide to pool maintenance made easy this Christmas.

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Clean Out Debris

Keeping debris out of your swimming pool is crucial for maintaining cleanliness and preventing damage over time. Be sure to remove any leaves, twigs, insects, or other debris from the surface of the water regularly using a skimmer net or pool vacuum cleaner. Additionally, inspect all drains and filters for any blockages which could cause problems if left untreated.

Regularly Maintain Equipment

Your swimming pool contains several pieces of equipment that need regular maintenance in order to function properly throughout the year including filters, pumps, heaters and more!

Inspect all parts regularly for any wear and tear that may occur over time and replace them as necessary so that everything runs smoothly when you need it most!

Additionally, make sure that you are using only high-quality filters designed specifically for use with swimming pools – generic filters are not always suitable or effective at removing dirt and debris from pools properly. 

Check Your Pool Chemistry Regularly

Maintaining correct chemical levels is essential for keeping your pool safe and clean. Test your pool chemistry weekly and adjust accordingly with chlorine tablets or chemicals as needed. Be sure to also check the pH level of the water, which should be balanced between 7.2–7.8 on the pH scale. If you’re not sure how to do this, consider hiring a professional pool maintenance service to help keep levels balanced throughout the season.

Consider Pool Renovation

Modern pool designs are becoming even easier to maintain, so, for next Christmas, perhaps a pool renovation could be in order!

Getting your pool renovated to modern standards is an exciting process. A well-planned and designed pool can add value to your home as well as offer a great area for relaxation and leisure.

The latest trends in technology and design can help you create a luxurious outdoor space that matches your individual style –spas, stairs and spacious swimming areas, water features and high-tech filtration systems– it’s all possible with a renovation of your pool.

With the help of a professional team, you can ensure that the entire experience is both seamless and stress-free, allowing you to get back to enjoying time by the pool in no time at all!

At Gibson Family Pools, we have a wide range of swimming pool shapes, sizes and colours for you to choose from. Our inclusive design and installation process ensures a stress free, smooth journey to updating your pool and enjoying a swim all year ‘round. Get a free quote, or give us a call today on 02 6581 3232.

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