Swimming Pool Games To Play This Summer

Sibling Playing And Splashing Water With Each Other

Summer is the perfect season to spend time outdoors with family and friends. Full of adventures, games and memories to be made, it is the season when we get the most use out of our swimming pools. If you’re planning on cooling off next to your private pool or visiting the local swimming baths for a splash in the sunshine, we have the top three swimming pool games for you to play this summer.

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1. Keep Away

Our first pick is the classic, Keep Away. All this game requires is a ball you can get wet and a family ready for fun! The game entails designating someone as ‘it’ who will be in the middle. Everyone else starts tossing the ball to each other with the aim being to keep the ball away from ‘it’ for as long as possible. The person in the middle must try to intercept the ball by catching it. If they do get the ball, the person who threw it will then go in the middle and be the new ‘it’. It’s a fun and easy game for all the family to enjoy. If you prefer physical games that burn energy and get the heart pumping, then this is the game for you. Keep the game going for as long as possible, tread water, practice throwing and get as competitive as you like whilst you splash around in this game of skill, thrill and most importantly, fun!

2. Diving For Treasure

This game gives the parents a chance to chill whilst putting the kids to work. Simple yet effective, this game allows children to work on their underwater swimming skills and techniques. The game entails throwing things into the water, and it’s completely up to you what these are. Some people throw coins whilst others use goggles, bobbles, rings or more. As long as the object sinks to the floor of the pool, anything is fine. Call this treasure and get the kids to close their eyes whilst you throw it somewhere in the pool. Once the ‘treasure’ is hidden in the pool, tell them to go and look for it. The game can be as competitive or as difficult as you like. Get creative with it and add rounds. Maybe increase the difficulty by changing where about you hide the ‘treasure’ or the size of it. If the object is smaller, it’ll be harder to find. Adding levels and rounds helps to keep the game exciting and stimulating for the children to enjoy.

3. Shark And Minnows

Our final game is possibly our favourite, shark and minnows. This game works best in a larger group so if you’re enjoying the pool with all the family this may be the game for you. It starts by choosing one player to be the shark, this can change if you play the game multiple times. The shark swims to the middle of the pool and closes their eyes, whilst the rest of the players, the minnows, gather at one end. The shark says go and the minnows must set off swimming with the aim of getting to the other side without being caught by the ‘shark’. If the shark tags a minnow, the minnow is out of the game. The game continues until there is one player left, who must try and get past the shark alone. The game gets harder as you go on as fewer minnows increases the likelihood of getting caught by the shark. This is the game for the family who loves competition and adrenaline.

If you’re an avid swimmer whose favourite way to cool off during the summer months is by getting into the water, it’s time to invest in a premium private pool. Picture playing these fun games and more with the family this summer, just from the comfort of your own backyard. Explore our range of Gibson Family pools and start splashing around today.

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