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Your extensive options

Deciding that you want to have a top-quality swimming pool installed by the professionals at Gibson Family Pools is an easy decision. But what are your options? It’s safe to say that Barrier Reef Pools offers an impressive range of fibreglass pools. The first step is to decide which type of pool will best suit your yard and your needs.

Family pools

Designed to suit families with yards of all shapes and sizes, Barrier Reef Pools offer family pools in both inground and above ground varieties.

Lap pools

If your priority is being able to use your new pool for training and exercise purposes, a lap pool may be the best option for you. Designed specifically to provide unmatched exercise opportunities from the comfort of your backyard, we can install lap pools at eight and twelve metres, depending on your preference and the size of your yard. Lap pools are also perfect for relaxation, especially at the end of a period of intense training.

Plunge pools

Throughout Australia, houses are constantly growing in size, and people are looking to make more use of their backyards. With a plunge pool, you don’t need to lose a significant amount of your yard, as these effectively designed pools can be tucked into a corner! Optimise your lifestyle while making efficient use of your space.


If you’re less interested in the physical side of swimming, why not opt for the relaxing side? Have a spa installed in your backyard and enjoy the benefits after a hard day at work. If you can’t decide where your priorities lie, we’ve got you covered, as Barrier Reef Pools also offer a swim spa range, meaning you’ll never have to choose. Adapt swimming into your lifestyle with this conveniently designed pool, knowing that you can use the spa facilities to relax afterwards.

Choose your optimum size

Once you’ve decided on your pool type, we can help you determine which size would best suit your needs. Here at Gibson Family Pools, we can install swimming pools Port Macquarie-based in small, medium, and large sizes, meaning we have something to suit everyone. If you have a large yard, why not make a statement and have your dream pool installed? Alternatively, if you’re restricted for space, this doesn’t mean you need to miss out. We can help you optimise your space by adding a small pool with big relaxation and swimming potential.

The fantastic advantages of fibreglass pools

Fibreglass is becoming an increasingly popular material for pools across Australia, which is why Barrier Reef Pools are fantastic options. Some of the main advantages of fibreglass include:

• Easy installation by professionals at Gibson Family Pools

• Easy maintenance

• Long-lasting

• Durable in changing Australian weather conditions

• Available in all shapes and sizes to suit all customers

• More environmentally friendly than alternative pools

• Customisable to your needs

• pH level of pools is not affected by fibreglass

• Attractive value is easily increased

• Cost-effective

• Smooth on the skin and feet

Get in touch with Gibson Family Pools to start installing a top-quality Barrier Reef Pool.

Fibreglass Pool Design FAQ's

What shapes do fibreglass pools come in?

We offer a wide range of pool shapes and sizes to suit any yard type, including a more natural lagoon style. Lap pools, plunge pools and spas are also available.

See the full range of shapes here.

What aspects of a fibreglass pool can you customise?

Barrier Reef fibreglass pools are prefabricated and cannot be customised in shape or size. However, our range of styles and sizes is the widest in Australia, meaning you can find a pool with the correct shape, depth and size to suit your yard perfectly.

Additionally, we have a range of 10 different colours for your internal coating, and all pools can be installed as an above-ground option. You can also customise exterior tiling, landscaping and pool fence choices for complete personalisation.

What sizes do fibreglass pools come in?

We have a pool size to suit any need. Our smallest plunge pools start at 1.6 x 4.2 metres with a flat 1.6m depth, and increase to 4.4 x 11 metres for our larger family pools, with depths of up to 1.9 metres.

Standalone spas start at 2.6 m x 2.6m square.

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