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When it comes to installing a swimming pool, there are several options you can choose from. Both fibreglass and concrete pools have their own unique benefits, but for most homeowners, the decision is driven by their budget or personal preference.

Fibreglass pools in the Mid North Coast

Our sales and installation services for fibreglass pools are available to homeowners across a wide service area in the Mid North Coast. We’re based in Port Macquarie but we work across a wide area that includes Nambucca, Taree, South West Rocks, Kempsey, and Wauchope.

Wherever you live in the area, whether it’s a built-up urban setting or a more remote and rural location, we can offer you an exceptional choice of modern fibreglass pool designs as well as our impressive workmanship and customer service. Whatever you’re looking for, we help customers throughout the region to find the fibreglass pool that’s the perfect fit for them.

If you are planning on purchasing a fibreglass pool for your property, keep reading to learn about their benefits over concrete.

How long do fibreglass pools last?

A high-performance fibreglass pool can last for more than 30 years, longer than any other type of pool. That’s why fibreglass pools are fast becoming the pool of choice for many Australians who want a long-lasting, no-fuss pool that’s easy to maintain.

Barrier Reef fibreglass pools exceed the Australian and worldwide standard for thickness and have a higher resistance to water penetration and damage, heat and corrosion. This makes them an excellent choice for withstanding unpredictable weather. The natural flexibility of the material means fibreglass pools can also tolerate most earth movement.

You can expect your fibreglass pool to give you, your family and friends many years of enjoyment.

What are the benefits of fibreglass pools?

Our team at Gibson Family Pools chooses Barrier Reef fibreglass pools because of their high-quality construction. These pools are suitable for  urban, rural and remote areas and we have specialist knowledge about the benefits of these fibreglass pools.

Quicker to install

Are you looking to enjoy your new pool as soon as possible? If so, a fibreglass pool is the best option as it can be installed quickly.

Concrete and pebbled swimming pools can take months to install and involve lots of digging and mess, but fibreglass pools arrive ready-made and can be installed within a few weeks. This means you’ll be diving in and enjoying all the benefits of your refreshing pool before you’ve even finished inflating the pool toys!

Easy to maintain

One of the best things about a fibreglass pool is that they don’t require liner replacements or resurfacing like other pools. Determining what maintenance a fibreglass pool needs is relatively simple, Barrier Reef fibreglass pools have a silky smooth gelcoat surface which prevents dirt from sticking to the shell and helps to control against bacteria and algae. This means you’ll need fewer chemicals than a concrete pool to maintain the correct pH levels of your swimming pool. The surface is also UV and chemical resistant. This makes cleaning your pool much easier, allowing you more time to enjoy swimming.

Great for kids

If you’re worried about cuts or scrapes in the pool, a fibreglass swimming pool has a smooth surface so it isn’t abrasive on sensitive skin. This makes them great for active kids who love splashing around and jumping in! For a comfortable and relaxing pool experience, a fibreglass pool is ideal, and they look amazing too!

Energy saving

Choosing a fibreglass pool means you’ll be saving energy. They’re constructed using a high-performance, sustainable glass fibre meaning a higher temperature endurance. The material naturally insulates, so they heat faster than traditional pools. Not only will you be saving money on energy to heat a pool, but you can also feel good about owning a more environmentally-friendly pool.

If you’re concerned about the cost of heating a pool, or if your pool is going to be installed in a shady location, this makes fibreglass a more affordable option in the long run.

Modern look

Fibreglass pools are available in all shapes and sizes and Barrier Reef Pools offer the latest pool designs and features, making it easy for you to select the right pool for your yard. They can also be customised to suit the style of your home, whether you want a family-friendly pool or a designer pool for a modern home. The gelcoat surface comes in a variety of shimmer and royal colours for you to choose from. Not only will your new pool make you feel good, it’ll look good too.

Enjoy a fibreglass pool anywhere

Fibreglass pools are versatile and are suitable in a variety of different areas. Whether you’re planning a new pool in a spacious and remote location or live in a well-developed urban area or busy suburb, you can take advantage of a refreshing and modern fibreglass pool. Whatever amount of space you have available, there’s a fibreglass unit that’s the perfect fit. With pools offered in a choice of shapes and sizes, we can help you choose a pool design that complements and makes the most of the space you have.

They add value to your home

A great quality fibreglass pool could potentially add value to your home, especially if you take good care of it over time. As well as increasing the financial value, it’ll certainly add to your enjoyment of your home – a new pool is a wonderful way to make better use of your outdoor space and create an area where you can be playful and have fun or relax and completely unwind.

Fibreglass Pool Installation in Port Macquarie - Gibson Family Pools
Fibreglass Pool — Gibson Family Pools in Port Macquarie, NSW

How long does a fibreglass pool installation take?

Once you’ve decided on the right pool for you and it’s time to actually have it set into the ground, the process usually takes 1-2 weeks. Once completed, the council will need to carry out a final inspection. Our pool installation page explains the whole process in more detail, from making your initial enquiry with Gibson Family Pools to getting final council approval.

Why Choose Gibson Family Pools

Customers in Port Macquarie love our high-quality fibreglass pools, our attention to detail, and our professional service – take a look at some of the fantastic reviews we’ve received. We’re committed to delivering a top service for every one of our customers – when you choose Gibson Family Pools you’re benefitting from decades of experience and expertise, the latest in fibreglass pool designs, and our efficient installation services.

We’re passionate about providing a thorough service from your initial enquiry through to arranging final inspections of your pool after installation. We offer free on-site assessments and quotes that allow us to give you professional recommendations for the right options for your space and requirements. We bring the same dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work to every job we do, with the aim of giving every customer a pool they’re truly proud of.

Contact us today

The award-winning team at Gibson Family Pools are here to answer all your questions about our high-quality fibreglass pool at your home. We’d be more than happy to provide you with a free on-site quote.

We’re experts at installing fibreglass pools in both built up urban areas as well as remote and rural areas. 

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Fibreglass Pools FAQs

A fibreglass pool is a swimming pool built out of fiberglass. These pools offer a wide range of benefits, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

Fibreglass pools have several advantages over concrete ones; they’re quicker to install, lighter weight, smoother and more durable. They are also less likely to crack or leak and have a non-porous surface, making them easier to maintain and less prone to staining and algae growth.

Fibreglass pools typically need to be resurfaced every 10-15 years, depending on usage and maintenance.

The overall cost of your fibreglass pool will depend on factors such as the size, depth, shape, colour, quality, location and any additional features such as lighting, water features, heating, covers or spa jets. Price may also be influenced by the job’s complexity, including how accessible your yard is for installation, the ground condition and the slope of the land. Australians can expect an average fibreglass pool to cost between $25,000 to $35,000.

No, we don’t recommend pressure cleaning your fibreglass pool, as this can cause the surface to crack or delaminate.

Yes, fibreglass pools can be heated using a variety of methods, including electric heat pumps, gas heaters and solar heating systems. Consult one of our qualified team members to determine the best option for your specific pool and climate.

Consider the following tips for cleaning and maintaining your fibreglass pool:

  • Skimming: Remove any floating debris, such as leaves, insects, or twigs, using a skimmer net.
  • Vacuuming: Use a vacuum to clean the floor and walls of the pool, making sure to remove any dirt, sand, or other debris.
  • Brushing: Brush the walls and floor of the pool to help prevent algae growth and to remove any stubborn dirt or stains
  • Chemicals: Maintain proper water chemistry by regularly testing the pH and chlorine levels and adjusting as necessary.
  • Filtering: Run the pool’s filtration system regularly to help remove any debris and keep the water clean.
  • Shocking: Shock the pool weekly to eliminate contaminants and maintain water clarity.
  • Acid washing: If the pool looks dull or has algae growth, consider acid washing the surface to restore its appearance.
  • Coating: If necessary, reapply a protective coating to the surface of the pool to help protect it from UV damage and staining.
  • Cover: Invest in a pool cover to protect your water from extreme weather conditions, animals and insects and other environmental factors when not in use.

Fibreglass pools are a more sustainable alternative to concrete pools, as they require less energy and resources to produce and install, and they have a longer lifespan. Additionally, many fibreglass pool manufacturers offer eco-friendly options, such as the use of recycled materials in the production process and energy-efficient pumps and heating systems. Choosing a fibreglass pool also means you’ll be saving energy, as they’re constructed using a high-performance, sustainable glass fibre, meaning a higher temperature endurance. The material naturally insulates, so they heat faster than traditional pools.

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