How Much Does It Cost To Install A Fibreglass Pool In Australia

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Finally deciding to install that fibreglass pool you have wanted for years is an exciting moment. Having access to cool glistening waters in your own backyard is every Australian’s dream. However, it can also be expensive.

Understandably, one of the first things many Australians ask is what kinds of costs are associated with installing a fibreglass pool? So, if you’re wondering just how much it is going to cost you to install a fibreglass pool in Australia, we can help.

What is a fibreglass pool?

A fibreglass pool is simply a pool that has a structure that is made out of fibreglass. Fibreglass is strong, easy to install and maintain and can last upwards of 30 years when looked after properly.

How much is a fibreglass pool going to cost you?

The price of a fibreglass pool is going to vary depending on a lot of different factors. Australians will expect to spend anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 on installing a fibreglass pool. This cost can vary depending on the size of the pool, the shape of the pool, the location that it is being installed in as well as any additional features that you might want to include.

What can impact the price of your fibreglass pool?

There are many factors that can impact the final price of the installation of your fibreglass pool. When planning out your pool and accounting for the costs, you should take note of the following points:

  • Quality
  • Size, depth, shape and colour
  • How easy or difficult it is to access your yard area for installation
  • Whether or not you have chosen a self-cleaning fibreglass pool
  • Extras such as lighting, water features, heating, covers, or spa jets
  • The quality and layout of the land that you are installing your pool into. Features such as ground condition and the slope of the land can affect your installation costs

Are there any other costs associated with installing a fibreglass pool?

There are a few other costs that could impact the cost of installing your fibreglass pool. While there is no guarantee that you will need to pay any of these, it’s always a good idea to have the specialists take a look at where you want to install your pool so they can provide you with a quote that considers the layout of your yard as well. These costs can include:

  • Local council requirements. Some local councils may require you to have a license to install a pool in your yard
  • Finishes around your pool, such as a wooden deck, landscaping or concreting
  • Retaining wall

Installing a fibreglass pool in your home is a fantastic way to not only enjoy the hot Australian summers but increase the value of your property at the same time.

If you’re looking to install a fibreglass pool in your yard soon and you’re looking for the right pool professionals, why not get in touch on 02 6581 3232 for a free quote today? You could have the pool you always dreamed of in no time at all.

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