Top Trending Types of Swimming Pools in Port Macquarie 2020

swimming pools

In the middle of a complex situation with social distancing and isolation, many homeowners have turned to their own backyards in order to provide a place to relax. If you want to redesign your yard to include a swimming pool, then you may want to know more about the different styles currently available. There are a few trends for swimming pools in Port Macquarie this year, and Gibson Family Pools are here to show you the best.

Shallow pools

The traditional swimming pool has a deep end and the shallow end, but this year more and more homeowners are choosing to install shallow depth swimming pools. These are designed to be used for water sports and exercise, rather than for extended swimming, and can also give you a much lower cost for excavation and construction.

Natural finishes

With so many people avoiding the coast, it makes sense that they should seek to transform their swimming pool into something more closely resembling a natural pool. This means that many of our customers are asking Gibson Family Pools for help with darker interior finishes. Not only does this look more like a natural pool, but it also helps to disguise any unwanted dust or debris.

Pools with ledges

Swimming pools have increasingly become a focus for friends and family while movement is more restricted, and this means that it can be important to have cool water and ledges or bars built into the edge of the pool so that you can hang onto the side while you talk to friends. A well-designed ledge may also allow you to sit down in one position, allowing you to relax in your own yard.

Improved energy savings

There are plenty of important designs for swimming pools this year, but one of the most important is energy-saving tools. Using pool cleaners and pumps that are more environmentally sound is the best way to ensure that you are get the best style for your swimming pool without sacrificing environmental concerns.

Talk to the experts

If you want real help with choosing styles of swimming pools in Port Macquarie, then you need to talk to Gibson Family Pools. We can help you to choose the right options for your personal swimming pool, so speak to us today, either through our online enquiry form or by calling 6581-3232 now.

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