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A safe pool helps prevent accidents and potential drownings. Most drownings in residential pools involve children younger than five, and in many cases, incorrect or improper fencing is a contributing factor. NSW swimming pool regulations can be complex, and it’s important you understand them before installing a pool. We’ve simplified the language to make sure you’re in the know. 

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If you’re installing a pool, it’s up to you and the builder to ensure your construction site is secure. Your builder’s responsibility ends when work is completed and certification is issued.

If you live on a property where a pool is being built – even if you’re not the owner – you must install and maintain a sign reading “this swimming pool is not to be occupied or used”. This sign should only be removed after appropriate certification has been provided.

Pool fencing

In NSW, pool fences are required to:

• measure at least 1.2m high from the ground, with any perforated or mesh barrier having holes smaller than 13mm
• measure 1.8m high if connected with a boundary fence, with any perforated or mesh barrier having holes less than 100mm
• have gaps smaller than 10cm from the ground, and between any vertical bars
• have gaps at least 90cm between horizontal and climbable bars
• not include doors or windows
• be well-maintained and operational

Non-climbable zone

You must establish and maintain a “non-climbable zone” around your pool to prevent children from climbing into the area. This zone should measure in a 90cm arch from the top of your fencing to the ground and carry 30cm into your pool area. It should not include any vegetation, furniture, toys, ladders, or other potential footholds or handholds.

Pool barriers

If your pool barrier has a door, it must self-close, self-latch, open away from your pool, and only be able to be opened by hand. It’s also required to have a non-climbable zone, with a latching device at least 1.5m off the ground.

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Pool gates

Your pool gate must always be closed. Gates cannot open towards the pool area and must close and lock automatically. If your gate doesn’t comply, it must be rehung or permanently locked until revisions can be made.


You must attach relevant, visible warning CPR signage to your pool fence and gate. This sign should be readable from 3 metres away, and in good condition.


The Swimming Pool Regulation 2018 states that access to your pool from your property must be restricted. You must:
• design, build, install and maintain doors and windows correctly
• ensure windows do not have footholds wider than 10mm between the lowest window panel and within 1.1 below the panel base

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