How to choose the right fibreglass pool design

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Here at Gibson Family Pools, we know how popular and exciting it is to have a pool for you and your family to enjoy – that’s why there are over a million pools across Australia! We wanted to give you some information about the different designs of fibreglass pools that we can provide for you and what you should consider when making sure that your pool investment is perfect for you and your home.

pool designs brooklyn slim line

A fibreglass pool is a type of in-ground pool that is much more advantageous than a vinyl or concrete pool. Fibreglass pools are a lot more durable, attractive, easily installed and cost-effective due to their minimal maintenance requirements.

The shell of a fibreglass pool is shaped and manufactured off-site, and they can be designed and created to suit various unique shapes and designs. 

Choosing the right fibreglass pool design

When choosing what design of fibreglass pool you would like, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • What are you going to use the pool for?
  • Who is going to be using the pool

Considering what you are going to use the pool for is important for dictating factors such as length, width and depth of the pool as well as dictating the overall design of the pool’s shape.

Likewise, thinking about who will be using the pool is also important when deciding on how deep the pool will be and how stairs may be positioned – this is most important when considering whether children will be using the pool.

Lap Pools (Rectangle)

This pool design is perfect for swimming exercises as it is simplistic and spacious. The depth of these pools can vary, dependent on preference.

Rectangle pools are great for people that have invested in a pool specifically for activities, whether they be simple lap exercises or family swimming.

Our excellent Brampton Range is the perfect choice for your pool if you are interested in using it as a space for exercise and activity for yourself and your family. 

Plunge Pool

This style of pool is most commonly used for those interested in recreational swimming and works perfectly for lounging around to soak up the sun.

This stylish design is extremely modern and doesn’t take up as much space outside your home.

Spa Pool

Perfect for those who want a space of tranquillity and leisure, spa pools are the perfect retreat!

With a significantly smaller size, they can be a calming and soothing addition with their hydrotherapy elements designed for relieving tension and full-body relaxation.

Family Pools

Designed with enough space for all the family, these pools are spacious and great for playing games in – a great investment for family entertainment!

These pools are great for water sports such as volleyball and water polo as they are designed for use by multiple people without becoming crowded.

We would recommend Barrier Reef Pools for this purpose

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We hope that our guide to different fibreglass pool designs has been informative and that you are one step closer to deciding what fibreglass pool design would be perfect for you!

If you like any more information, or the chance to discuss a custom build, you can call us on 02 6581 3232, contact us via our website or visit us in Port Macquarie.

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